The bad news is that time flies, and the good news is that you are the pilot. – MICHAEL ALTSHULER TIME is powerful of all. It has the potential to change, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Time waits for none, and if you disrespect time, it will make you regret it big time! Whether you are driven by deadlines or have a flight to catch, time plays a crucial role indeed. When you start off your journey called LIFE, you start to realize the importance of every moment that comes across in front of you and cherishing those moments is what you canRead More →

Someday you will. Someday all your worries and obstacles will overshadow your power to overcome them with a strong will power and determination that refuses to go away. You should believe deep in your heart that someday there will come a day when everything will find its true place. And that, my friend, will be a better day, a better place, to live and to cherish. Someday your dreams will come true. Dreams which have lost their path and twinkling charm of your eye. And then this journey called LIFE will be beautiful and endearing experience indeed. Difficulties are a part of life. You canRead More →


To all those naysayers who never believed in anything, tackle them with your positive attitude and nothing will stop you from your share of happiness. Your growth is in your hands. You are responsible for your own happiness and those who are around you too. So make your choice wisely, dwell in positivity and you’ll yourself see the difference in you! Every person handles problems differently. And this being the prime reason why outcomes vary, every human being seems to be occupied in their little world of problems that they tend to miss the bigger picture which gets hidden beneath their everyday tension and worries.Read More →

This life is a gift. A gift given by the Almighty to be valued and cherished every single day. The very essence of life lies in living every moment to the fullest and making priceless memories during one’s journey of life. Being positive and lively gets quite challenging sometimes. So here are certain things you must tell yourself before you start off your day. Wake up with a bright smile on your face. You are the prime source of happiness and only you have the ability to make the world smile you. So go ahead and spread smiles all over. If no one is willingRead More →