5 Lighthouses You Must Visit For A Vacation In The U.S.

5 Lighthouses You Must Visit For A Vacation In The U.S.

lighthouses-1Lighthouses always seem exciting when you are going for a vacation with your friends and family. But have you decided on the place you’re going to visit in the US where you get one of the best lighthouses?

We have the list ready for you! Here are a few for your reference:

  1. White Shoal, Michigan

Michigan has the most number of lighthouses than any other state. White Shoal is an offshore tower near the straits of Mackinac. You will get boat tours that pass by, though you do not get to go inside.

  1. Eldred Rock, Alaska

The lighthouse being octagonal, it is one of the oldest historic place in the Lynn Canal that is quite narrow and snow-capped, last one left in the area.

  1. Portland Head, Maine

Another historic lighthouse situated in Fort Williams Park, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, this one is one of the nation’s most visited lighthouses constructed by Massachusetts Colony. Located on a rocky shore within the Casco Bay, the lighthouse remains the adorable one for millions.

  1. Bodie Island, N.C.

Built in 1872, Bodie Island lighthouse is 165-feet tall and is the first one to be a part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Apart from this, it is also open for climbing, so it definitely is a must-see. Spend whole day there and you’ll know.

  1. Split Rock, Minnesota

Placed on the North Shore of Lake Superior, this Great Lakes light station holds a history too. Being one of the famous landmarks of Minnesota, Split rock lighthouse was beautifully designed by Ralph Russell Tinkham and was finally completed in 1910to make it a total picturesque lighthouse of the place. It has the most dramatic view to see and admire.

Go ahead and gaze through those beaming lights bringing sheer joy and smile to your face.