Snapchat Launches Friend Emojis, With Low Light Camera Button

  • Aarohi

    Bonsoir, je posse8de un iPhone 3gs et une amie aussi. Je lui envoie des e9moticone e9moji qu’elle ree7ois et je les vois aussi, mais par cotnre si elle m’en envoie je ree7ois des carre9s blancs.. comment faire?

  • Arifin

    As a senior in high school, I completely understand your concern. When I first explained this to my parents (because they do closely monitor what apps I use), they were initially horrified at the thought of me having an app that would legitamately allow me to text without them knowing about it.Honestly, my friends and I use it to send goofy pictures. Fully clothed. Sometimes, it’s just so much funnier to add a weird facial expressions when I’m telling someone a story over text (in this case, the picture captions). Or just for fun, send someone a snapchat when I’m bored doing homework. True, I wouldn’t exactly want these pictures to end up on Facebook (I have a tendency to completely distort my face in most snapchats I send), but they are absolutely no where close to being considered child pornography.Of course, I am not like every single teenager, but it might offer some parents peace of mind knowing that not every teenager is going to send naked pictures to each other with the app. My main concern instead would be from sending snapchats during class.

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