Things You Must Tell Yourself Everyday

Things You Must Tell Yourself Everyday


This life is a gift. A gift given by the Almighty to be valued and cherished every single day. The very essence of life lies in living every moment to the fullest and making priceless memories during one’s journey of life.

Being positive and lively gets quite challenging sometimes. So here are certain things you must tell yourself before you start off your day.

  • Wake up with a bright smile on your face. You are the prime source of happiness and only you have the ability to make the world smile you. So go ahead and spread smiles all over.
  • If no one is willing do it, then you will! Be positive in your approach in every situation and you’ll see those worries fading away in no time.
  • Everything happens for a reason. If anything goes wrong, well, it was meant to be! So just stop cribbing about things that would not bother you 5 years down the lane.
  • Fewer words, more actions! Believe in yourself and rather than bragging, let your actions speak for themselves.
  • Choose excellence over perfection. Don’t be afraid to start. just be at it, give your best shot and see what it brings back.
  • Mind your business. What others think of you and your work is none of their business, and thinking about they do is yours neither!
  • Keep trying. If it didn’t work out the first time, say this to yourself, “I’ll do better next time.” It’ll make you better day by day.
  • Be grateful. Last but not the least, thank anyone and everyone who has been there for you and be sincere to them always. After all, they are the ones who motivate you to move forward, right?

ALWAYS REMEMBER – This life is precious as not everyone gets to live the privilege you have to be YOU. Make the most of it. Be an inspiration, be YOU!