A Superpower Called TIME

A Superpower Called TIME


The bad news is that time flies, and the good news is that you are the pilot.


TIME is powerful of all. It has the potential to change, sometimes for better and sometimes for worse. Time waits for none, and if you disrespect time, it will make you regret it big time! Whether you are driven by deadlines or have a flight to catch, time plays a crucial role indeed. When you start off your journey called LIFE, you start to realize the importance of every moment that comes across in front of you and cherishing those moments is what you can do as seizing time is never an option. People who have wasted a single moment of time have not yet discovered the value of their life as time teaches the true value of life.

You can easily make more money but you can never make more time. Time, once gone, does not come back. Since it isn’t possible to turn back the time, we can alternatively make the most of it by living and enjoying every fraction of it. Value time and it shall value your dreams, aspirations and goals. But the moment you start spending the time carelessly, you are bound to lose every battle in your life.

Time never stops for anyone. So plan your actions within time as when the right time goes, it will never come back. Use time as a powerful tool to turn things in your favour. Being a priceless gift, time is the best thing which can be invested in each and every thing you do and believe it or not, moving in the right direction at the right moment is the least you can do to value time.

Time is precious, you can’t afford to waste it and if you do, you must do it wisely. Value time and time shall value you!

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