Why Akili Polee

Do you feel struggling with day to day income streams, not being able to generate high value returns for whatever you have invested till date, then you are at the right place.

I do what I feel & What I enjoy, I love being Akili Polee, a person with clarity in my work approach, strategic thinking, organized systems & productive principles.

Since I have started learning about entrepreneurship, I have coached more than 1000 individuals who were not able to stand consistent in their lives & were facing hard time utilizing opportunities in their way.


The only thing I always concentrate upon is How to Leverage your Income Streams & approach new doors to passive income opportunities. That’s what a successful income seeker would love to do for bringing in a high value revenue figures.

I don’t give you dreams, I don’t give you ideas, I don’t give revenue making methods.


I give you the motivation to develop ideas that will get you an ideology to see dreams for perfect money making systems & this is why I like to JOIN hands with you.

Come see the bright future ahead with me!