You Shall Overcome

You Shall Overcome

You Shall OvercomeSomeday you will. Someday all your worries and obstacles will overshadow your power to overcome them with a strong will power and determination that refuses to go away. You should believe deep in your heart that someday there will come a day when everything will find its true place. And that, my friend, will be a better day, a better place, to live and to cherish.

Someday your dreams will come true. Dreams which have lost their path and twinkling charm of your eye. And then this journey called LIFE will be beautiful and endearing experience indeed.

Difficulties are a part of life. You can either do something to make it better, or just crib about it the whole time. You need to choose your way. If you move forward with an intention to succeed, you may succeed, and no looking back thereafter.

Your everyday choices will determine your destiny. So make your decisions wisely and don’t let them curb your ┬ápeace of mind as you are the one who is capable of creating spectacular outcomes by devoting all your efforts in the direction of your dreams.

Each one of us carries a story with him/her. A story.. which is believed to change our lives. Incidents and circumstances that come across in one’s life. Decisions that completely change the course of our life. There are instances where you cannot merely steer away from situations. You need to confront.. be patient.. deal with it.. think with a cool mind.. And then, steering through those moments would be possibly true.

Beauty is in you. Beauty is in the thoughts, in the hearts; and that’s what makes you captivating. You shall overcome someday to acknowledge the beautiful memories that have been stuck in the corner of your heart forming an even deeper connection with self.